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Chongyi County is located in the southwest border of Jiangxi Province, is located in east longitude 113 ° 55 '~ 114 ° 38', latitude 25 ° 24 '~ 25 ° 55' between. Nankang county bordering the east, south and large I Renhua County, Guangdong Province, County and intersects the west and Hunan Province, Yu County, Guidong County adjacent to the junction of the north Shangyou County. Something about 73 kilometers from north to south width of 59 kilometers, with a total area of 2206.27 square kilometers. 90 km away from Ganzhou.

Criss-cross the territory of mountains, peaks stretching ups and downs, central Yang Ling, 1259.5 meters above sea level, north shiya the first 1333 meters above sea level, east oxbow lake elevation of 140 meters, the western mountains Qi Yun Zhu Guang-2061.3 meters above sea level, south-west elevation of 1581 meters to spend Pishan, Northeast steep water reservoirs, water elevation of 170 meters, the county from southwest to northeast direction of terrain slope. According to geomorphological characteristics, the county can be divided into Zhongshan, low mountains and high hills, valleys, four types of terraces. Mountain (elevation 500 meters or more) of the total land area of 47.67%; Takaoka (elevation 300 ~ 500 m) accounted for 45.06%; low hill and valley terrace (elevation 300 m) accounted for 7.27%. The county of more than 1000 meters peaks are 232. Which the north-west sishun Township Qi Yun 2061.3 meters above sea level, to the highest point of the territory is also the highest mountain in southern Jiangxi.

Mazzoni river is the Yangtze River basin Gan River system, is an important chapter of water River tributaries. River to river, small river, Yang-Mei Jiang mainly Wen-ying, Upper Fort sishun, Kim Hang, niedu, Nghe An, New River and other river followed by a cumulative 83 big and small rivers, including drainage area is greater than 20 square kilometers of There are 30, less than 20 square kilometers and more than 5 square kilometers are 53, with a total length of 980.9 kilometers. The average density of rivers per square kilometer 0.441 kilometers.

Chongyi County is located in middle and low latitudes, is a humid subtropical monsoon zone, popular summer and winter monsoon, the year the heat is rich in four seasons, fog the day, sunshine below normal, rainfall, air humidity, a long frost-free period. However, due to complex terrain, large differences in vertical height of the mountain foot of the mountain, sunny side and back-yang side, climate difference is quite obvious.

Mazzoni an evergreen broad-leaved forest bio-climatic zone, suitable for a variety of plant reproduction. Far retained after the late Cretaceous and Quaternary glacial relict of the Billing Division of the single case of a single species of tree Ginkgo biloba. Moreover, the national level to protect species are Ginkgo biloba, Taxus, Bole tree, Metasequoia, bald fir. Countries there are two protected species Tsuga chinensis, Min-nan, Zhejiang Nan, Phoebe, flower palm wood, Magnolia officinalis, wild tea, Eucommia, Fujian cypress, sightseeing wood, 11 species of Liriodendron; national levels to protect species are Amentotaxus fir, Keteleeria, Magnolia officinalis, safflower insignis, Magnolia cylindrica, Tenjikukatsura, Cinnamomum micranthum, semi-maple Dutch, Artocarpus hypargyreus, white Xin Shu, South Castanopsis, Castanopsis kawakamii and other 14 types. Forest resources, the county is rich in a wide variety of trees. Forest tree species, 123 branches, 892 species of "green treasure house of Jiangxi Province," said.

Chongyi forested, warm climate, suitable for all kinds of animals to survive and reproduce. At the national level to protect animals leopard, the South Chital, Python, Cabot's Tragopan, etc.; second-class national protected animals golden cats, deer, eagles, owls, serow, tufted deer, mountain black deer, black water deer, pangolin, otter, small Indian Civet, large civet, silver pheasant, red-bellied golden pheasant, giant salamander 15 kinds.

Chongyi rainfall, streams horizon, the river bed gradient large, both surface water and groundwater resources than those in rich. The statistics, the county average annual runoff volume of 2.25654 billion cubic meters. Reserve of 271 million cubic meters of groundwater. The county a total of 2.326 billion cubic meters of water resources. Theoretical potential hydropower 19.8879 million kilowatts. Years, 1.74 billion kwh electricity. Average theoretical density of 90 watts per square kilometer.

Mazzoni rich in mineral resources, the existing iron, copper, lead, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, bismuth, beryllium, gold, silver, lithium, rubidium, planing, tantalum, rare earth, uranium and other metal ore; a crystal, ice state stone, fluorite, clay, phosphate, marble, granite, silica, limestone, dolomite and other non-metallic minerals; a fuel mineral production - coal. There has been development and utilization of lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, beryllium, gold, uranium, fluorspar, marble, limestone, coal, of which tungsten tin Yousheng.

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