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Economic Structure

 Mazzoni ecological county, ecological harmony is the cornerstone of a harmonious society.The county put resources into a long-term economic advantages, and further increased the sources of Zhang Jiang ecological forest protection efforts to tap the potential of forestry and mining pillars, and unswervingly follow rely on science and technology, deep processing of high value-added industrial economy, county ways of processing an output of tungsten industry during the year to reach 7 billion yuan, tax 45 million yuan; to renew the installed capacity of 28 small hydropower stations and strive to reach 10 million kilowatts, relying on "China's Southern axillaris Hometown" brand, integrated tea, Camellia to expand the South axillaris series of efforts to develop green food; to expand the high-yielding bamboo, hemp and sheep, navel orange, food production bases, new tourism investment 25 million yuan during the year; focus on constructing a rhododendron garden, longevity village Yang Ling eight tourism projects,150 thousand people to achieve goals.

Mazzoni in infrastructure, rural areas, ecological protection, social undertakings, security and stability, social security, well-written six articles at the same time.  Of ecological protection, family planning to implement one-vote veto; high-standard construction of 30 new rural demonstration sites; greatly enhance the quality of the county population, the implementation of good UN IPPF projects; to create the country's advanced culture and counties, in order to achieve the total GDP, fixed asset investment, total fiscal revenue, industrial added value, Investment, total retail sales of social consumption, the size of new loans, social security coverage, etc. 8 increased by more than 10% of the indicators.  Meanwhile, efforts to achieve economic development on the consumption of resources affects economic development of resistance, the number of leapfrog letters, and production safety accidents, the burden of farmers per capita income and financial revenue of non-steady proportion of urban unemployment, rural poverty, population and other eight indicators declined markedly.

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