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Resources characteristics
Located at the southern end of Zhuguang Mountains, the source of the Yangtze River Gan River National Forest south of key forestry counties. "Chinese bamboo township" Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province, with a total area of 2206.27 square kilometers, population of 200,000 people, is a resource rich, developed earlier, the potential of larger, yet to be developed mountain counties.
   Unique forest resources. County, "nine points mountain, semi-sub-fields, and a half hours of road, water, and estate," the per capita forest land 16.5 mu, the county stumpage volume of 10.23 million cubic meters of living bamboo number of trees 59.94 million, 85 percent forest cover, plant and animal species many, is a tropical plant and animal gene pool, known as "green treasure house of Jiangxi Province." The rich mountain resources and good environment for the development of the further development of chongyi lay a solid foundation, through a comprehensive in-depth for Integrated Mountain Development, the county will establish a forestry, mining, building materials, food, travel five pillar industries, the construction can be the sustainable development of mountain economies, the Mazzoni into the source of river courses, Hunan, foresight, curriculum overall strength of the first counties marginal provinces.
   Natural cultural landscape widespread. Southern area of the curriculum be the largest and most species, protection of the best, the greatest potential for development, Yang Ridge Provincial Nature Reserve; a deep and inscrutable, singular magnificent niedu dangerous cave group; are landscapes fluttering Korea, the unique scenery of steep water, artificial Lake, in addition to Wang Er Zhuo martyrs tomb, monument, etc. Wang teahouse rich cultural landscape.
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