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Development profile
Self-built building of a town after the county town, has been 480 years, the city was changed.  Along with economic development, the county a new look, has become a county-wide political, economic, cultural and transportation center, is a forestry product processing and tungsten, tin and other mineral-based industrial development, trade, tourism and simultaneously a good ecological environment the source of the Pearl River town of the chapter. 
In 1999, the investment 12 million yuan, in the town center area of 40.8 thousand square meters built in People's Square. The plaza consists of three parts: the first part of the assembly square, carved by the world's top ten names, performance units, a symbol of the 18 townships of 18 pairs of portico, garden stool and flower with a composition; second part is divided into musical program-controlled color fountain, from 1248 nozzles, 250 Lantern composition; third part is divided into landscaping areas, from the characteristics embodied Takego various bamboo species, species composition and leisure pasture. Installed in the square center of a large electronic display screen, the entire square the concept of "China Bamboo's image, the focus of world civilization, the new century style, the combination of leisure and tourism" theme.

Chongyi county in 2000, covering an area has been developed to 5.2 square kilometers. There are two things to build the trunk vertical street, with the horizontal along the Yangtze River Road, Zhongshan Road, South New Road, Plaza Road form a "mesh" type. West Street for the concrete road surface, length 1552 meters, width 34 meters; East Street and West Street, side by side parallel to a total length of 1,500 meters, 34.6 meters wide.
In 2004, the rebuilt Gan Feng lines opened to traffic, the new two Dushu Bridge to the new North Gate Bridge, Highway and East Street as a landscape connected to the south, to the worship widowed at the foot of Forest Park Road, Yang Ling, full 4.8 kilometers. County area is extended to 5.8 kilometers.

Since reform and opening, Chongyi industry, relying on their own resources, small to large, rapid development, and to 2000, initially forming a mineral processing, mining, forestry, chemical, food processing, two light machinery, food processing, building materials industries. "Zhang Yuan" brand reputation at home and abroad tungsten products, are exported to Japan, Western Europe and other countries. Watson Group is China's wood-based panel industry, the first "five-board" (plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, high-intensity complex plastic bamboo plywood, bamboo particleboard) complete medium-sized enterprises. "Watson King" brand wood-based panel products exempt from inspection by the quality of products in Jiangxi Province 97-99. To Mazzoni unique natural wild mountain south axillaris as raw materials, processed with special technology, rich in vitamins and other nutrients in the South axillaris cakes, best-selling home and abroad.

In 2004, the county achieved a GDP of 1.255 billion yuan, including mining, forestry, water and electricity industry, the added value of the three pillars of 226.29 million yuan, up 64.16 percent, driving the county industrial added value increased 11.6 percentage points. Integrated indicators ranked highest in the city, won the "rise of the Year Award Jiangxi Industry." Yao-Sheng Industry and Trade, Zhang source included tungsten industry in the city 40 million yuan tax revenue ultra enterprise, Zhang source of tungsten industry has been advanced as the province's private businesses, and is included in the national model enterprise of technical standards for tungsten products.

Rice agriculture in the maintenance of traditional primary production, based on after 1990, gradually increasing the intensity of structural adjustment. Focus on the development characteristics of agriculture, contract farming and the tax agriculture and rural economy developed steadily.  In 2004, the total output value of 476.89 million yuan of agricultural and food output 53,845 tons, an increase of 5.7%, reversing the decline in grain output for 5 consecutive years the situation.

Forestry production in order to protect the ecological environment, the implementation of closed forest dominated. County, an area of 259.2 mu of various types of mountain, of which forest area is 197.97 mu, accounting for 76.4%. According to 1998 statistics, the county stumpage volume of 10.237 million cubic meters of live bamboo accumulation of 59.9398 million, with forest coverage of 85%. Chongyi County has rich bamboo resources. Total forest area of 17.24%, has become the country's six one bamboo-producing counties. In March 1996, the State Forestry grant Chongyi County "Hometown of Bamboo in China" title. In 2004, the State Forestry Administration has been awarded the "Hometown of China's southern axillaris" title.

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