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Administrative divisions

Administrative divisions, ages varied.  Ming points, the Township. Early Qing along the old Twenty-two years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1683) points Township, Lane. The early Republic of China, along the Qing system.  In 19 years (1930) partition, the township.  In 23 years of the implementation of the Bao-Jia system, zoning, UNPROFOR (later renamed the village, town), Paul, A.  Soviet era district, and township.  After the liberation of abolition of pao-chia system, district and township.  County is located four areas, one town, 15 township. November 12, 1958, that "people's communes," formed, the county is located eight people's communes, one Ken Zhichang, 155 production brigades, production teams 997.  Established in 1984, township (town), village so far.

May 1, 1984, the government agency grouped still-line village system, administrative divisions remain unchanged, the "social construction of townships, in order to build the village brigade." County designated as 17 townships, two towns, 153 village committees, three neighborhood committees.

 In January 1987, Guo Bu Xiang Guo TOWN, organizational change.

In November 1989, his eyebrows raised his eyebrows rural town of organizational change.  In the same year in December to withdraw cross rivers and lakes formed, incorporated into the horizontal LiShui.

In May 1990, Le Cave Township High extravagance Village is zoned for high-extravagance, high-dong two administrative villages.

 In September 1994, Changlong Township, Guan Tin, lead plant to build the town of Rural Township to withdraw.

In 1998, the county four neighborhood adjusted to 5 neighborhood.

 In 2003, the revocation of gutting the town formed, incorporated into fengzhou Township to remove the tea Tan Xiang formed, incorporated into the horizontal LiShui.

 In 2004, the county's 10 towns divided into six townships, 123 villages, five neighborhood.

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